Refugees are dying from the harsh winter conditions on Lesbos, a Greek island. Refugees have died from being exposed to the cold, as well as from winter-related accidents such as the explosion of heaters and the intake of carbon monoxide from gas radiators.  There is also a shortage of psychological care available, a continuous problem with many refugees attempting suicide.

Euronews reports there are around five thousand refugees on Lesbos.  The UN told Greece to improve the living conditions for the refugees, but according to locals Greece can’t take care of its own people, let alone refugees.  One local from Lesbos stated, “Businesses are closing, the Greeks themselves are migrating abroad. Basically, Greece cannot take these people in.”  Human Rights Watch implored Greece to “act urgently to ensure the rights, dignity and safety of all asylum seekers” in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  There is dire need for more aid from the international community.

Sources: Eva Cossé, Death and Despair in Lesbos, Human Rights Watch, February 3, 2017,; Catherine Hardy, Migrant Deaths Prompt Work at Greek Camp, euronews, February 3, 2017,