2017–2018 Human Rights Brief

Junior Staff Application

The Human Rights Brief (HRB) is seeking applications from dedicated and personally motivated students to join the Junior Staff of WCL’s most dynamic student publication. While working with the HRB, students are provided the opportunity to hone their legal analysis, writing, and editing skills in close collaboration with experienced editors; attend and report on the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights hearings; network with practitioners working on human rights issues around the world; and cultivate a community of like-minded students. HRB Junior Staff members play a major role in creating and editing original content as well as contributing to the Brief’s expanded web presence. All HRB Junior Staff are required to complete forty office hours during the academic year, twenty per semester, and assist with coverage of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights hearings, which take place during the academic year in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

There are four junior staff roles:

  • Staff Writer: Staff Writers are broken into two sections: Regional Columnists and Regional Court/UN Treaty Body Columnists. Regional Columnists produce two long (700-900 word) and one short (300-500 word) analytic pieces per semester, while Regional Court/UN Treaty Body Columnists produce several case synopses per semester. Writers work closely with Editorial Board and Senior Staff editors to produce quality pieces that keep the human rights community abreast of legal developments in the field. This is an exciting opportunity to improve your writing skills and legal analysis while being published on a prominent human rights website and publication.
  • Staff Editors: Staff Editors work closely with the Editorial Board, Senior Staff, and Staff Writers to prepare both student-produced content and practitioner articles for publication on HRBrief.org. In addition, Staff Editors have the opportunity to provide human rights event coverage for publication on the website. Tasks primarily include grammatical and style editing, fact and source checking, and identifying appropriate photos. Editors will gain valuable legal editing skills as well as exposure to a wide variety of human rights issues.
  • Social Media Outreach Team: Social Media Outreach Team members provide written summaries of conferences, events, or panels. Further, the Outreach Team edits event summaries produced by the rest of the HRB This position provides the Outreach Team with an opportunity to network with representatives from community and non-governmental organizations working in the human rights field.


All 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L, and LL.M. students who will attend WCL for the entire 2017–2018 academic year are eligible to apply.


Applications will open in September 2017. Please email chief@hrbrief.org for more information.


Please see attached source PDF entitled HRB Application and HRB Application Materials for all of the materials needed to answer the question presented below.

Please answer the prompt using only the documents provided in the attached PDF. Do not do any outside research or draw on personal knowledge of other human rights documents. Your response should be no more than 400 words. There is no right or wrong answer—we are looking for how well you write and support your argument as opposed to the specific conclusion you draw. Proper BlueBook citations are not necessary, but please use footnotes to identify any sources. It is not necessary to use every source. Please save your column in the following format: [your last name]_column application.doc.

Violence against women is an on-going global problem. Individuals and communities throughout Latin America continue to protest and fight back against this issue, commonly referred to as femicide. Consider what international human rights obligations, if any, Latin American countries have to respond to violence against women. Please conduct a full legal analysis in 400 words and refer only to the sources provided in this exercise for both background information and legal analysis.

Please base your argument solely on the international treaties and other attached sources.


  1. A completed application form;
  2. A one page single-spaced cover letter in PDF format;
  3. A copy of your current resume in PDF format;
  4. A completed writing exercise.