Human Rights Situation and the Death Penalty in the Americas

150 Período de Sesiones de la CIDH
24 de marzo de 2014
Crédito de la foto: Daniel Cima para CIDH

Versión española disponible aquí Commissioners: Tracy Robinson, José de Jesús Orozco Henríquez, James L. Cavallaro Petitioners: Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Dominican Republic Observers: Permanent Observer of France to the Organization of American States and Amnesty International Nine Member States to the Organization of American States requested a hearing before the […]

African Union Promises Commission to Investigate Human Rights Abuses in South Sudan

South Sudan Refugees in Uganda, January 2014 European Commission DG ECHO

The African Union (AU) recently initiated a Commission of Inquiry to investigate gross human rights abuses in South Sudan. This measure follows months of fighting, which began mid-December in South Sudan, displacing 189,000 people in the first three weeks. As of mid-February 2014, over 850,000 people are displaced, both internally in South Sudan and as […]

Human Rights Situation of Workers in the Meatpacking and Poultry Industry in the United States

150 Período de Sesiones de la CIDH
25 de marzo de 2014
De izquierda a derecha solicitantes de la audiencia:Juan Martinez (Nebraska Appleseed), Lee Duff (Coalition of Poultry Workers)
Crédito de la foto: Daniel Cima para CIDH

Versión española disponible aquí Commissioners: Rose-Marie Antoine, Paulo Vannuchi, Felipe González Petitioners: Southern Poverty Law Center, Midwest Coalition for Human Rights, Nebraska Appleseed Center for Law in the Public Interest Respondent: United States Testifying on behalf of her deceased son, a poultry worker from Mississippi, the Petitioners’ last witness stated that there are better protections for […]

ECOWAS Court Refuses to Suspend Case Against Hissène Habré

Hissene Habre, by kassgallerie

The Economic Community of West African States’ adjudicatory body, the Community Court of Justice (ECCJ), recently denied Hissène Habré’s petition to suspend the ongoing trial against him in the Extraordinary African Chambers. The Chambers, an ad hoc tribunal in Senegal, indicted Habré on June 2, 2013, for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and torture committed […]

The African Union Works Towards Eliminating Sexual Violence in Africa


The African Union (AU) recently hosted a meeting to work towards eliminating or significantly reducing rape and other forms of sexual violence in conflict and post conflict African countries. The African Union Commission (AUC), the executive body of the AU, convened experts to address the resulting human rights violations and peace and security consequences of […]