Freedom from Torture Documents More Torture in Post-War Sri Lanka

Wikimedia - Camp and Travellers, January 2009 Discplacement in the Vanni

Freedom from Torture has documented an additional forty cases of post-war torture committed in Sri Lanka, thirteen of which were committed as recent as 2013. Ethnic Tamils are predominately the target of acts of torture, sometimes merely based on their perceived connection to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). According to Susan Munroe, Freedom […]

Keystone XL Pipeline Poses Significant Threat to Health of Already Vulnerable Communities

Photo by Flickr user John Duffy

The proposed TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline risks endangering U.S. fresh water sources and the public health of surrounding communities due to probable “dirty” oil spills and the environmental impacts of transporting oil that produces three to four more times greenhouse gas emissions than conventional oil. These adverse consequences will reportedly disproportionately affect the health and […]

El camino hacía la justicia: el caso histórico contra el ex Jefe de Estado de Guatemala

Judicio de Rios Montt

Hace casi treinta años, el presidente guatemalteco de facto, José Efraín Ríos Montt, condujo al país a través de uno de los períodos más sangrientos de la guerra civil de Guatemala. Ríos Montt—quien ahora tiene 86 años—llegó al poder tras un golpe de estado militar en marzo del 1982, y gobernó al país hasta que […]

UPDATE: Journey to Justice: Landmark Case against Former Guatemalan Head of State

Rios Montt trial

Nearly thirty years ago, Guatemalan de facto President José Efraín Ríos Montt led the country through one of the bloodiest periods of Guatemala’s civil war. Ríos Montt—now 86 years old—gained power after a successful military coup in March 1982, until his forced removal as a result of another military coup in August 1983. After victims […]

Abuse in Guatemalan Psychiatric Hospital May Amount to Torture

CC image courtesy of Nooccar on Flickr

Psychiatric patients are often considered among the most vulnerable populations, largely as a result of a psychiatric patient’s powerlessness once placed under the control of another person. This vulnerability can be illustrated through a recent investigation of a Guatemalan psychiatric facility that produced alarming results. Human rights groups—including Disability Rights International—conducted a month-long study of […]