Targeting of the Patriotic Union in Colombia

IACHR 150th Period of Sessions
March 24, 2014. Photo Credit: Daniel Cima

Commissioners: Felipe González, Tracy Robinson, Paulo Vannuchi, Emilio Álvarez Icaza Longoria (Executive Secretary), Elizabeth Abi-Mershed (Assistant Executive Secretary). Petitioners: Patriotic Union State: Colombia Petitioners representing the labor group Patriotic Union (Unión Patriótica) came before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), accusing the government of Colombia of systematic political persecution and violence directed towards their organization. At […]

Human Rights Situation in Colombia


Commissioners: Felipe González, Tracy Robinson, Paulo Vannuchi Executive Secretary: Emilio Álvarez Icaza Longoria, Elizabeth Abi-Mershed Petitioners: Committee on Solidarity State: Colombia On March 24, Petitioners representing various Colombian Human Rights Groups came before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to follow up on the Commission’s assessment of the human rights situation in the country. According […]

The Need for Action on Violence Towards Women in Somalia

Somalia: Jowle Camp for the Displaced in Garowe, by European Commission DG ECHO—EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

“Were you raped today?” Human Rights Watch reports this furtive question is now a common greeting in the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia. This mournful question draws much needed attention to the ugly proliferation of rape and sexual violence in the country. Somalia (a country whose name is nearly synonymous with chronic instability) is still embroiled […]

Concerns Over the Human Rights Situation in Conflict Zones of Iraq

Iraqi Army soldiers march at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier during the Army Day celebrations in Baghdad, Iraq. Photo Credit - MATEUS_27:24&25

On January 3, 2014, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a principal stakeholder of jihadist sentiment in the region, declared an Islamic state in Anbar Province, exactly 747 days following the departure of the last Coalition troops from the country. Iraq continues to experience civil unrest since the final withdrawal of U.S. troops […]

Freedom of the Press in the Kingdom of Morocco: The Government’s Use of Anti-Terror Laws to Mute the Press

Casablanca, by Pejman Parvandi

On September 17, 2013 Moroccan police arrested journalist Ali Anouzla for inciting terrorist acts in the Kingdom of Morocco, a move that some human rights law advocates see as a violation of international law. While the 2011 Moroccan Constitution protects the right to a free press, reported cases of intimidation and outright detention of journalists […]