The Gaza Blockade and its Devastating Effects: Amnesty International’s Recommendations for US Policy

Destroyed Orphans' School in Gaza

By Annamaria Racota On January 18, 2010, Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) issued a report entitled, Suffocating: The Gaza Strip under Israeli Blockade as part of its new campaign to bring greater awareness to the situation’s human rights implications. AIUSA Director for International Affairs, T. Kumar, briefed the public on this issue and discussed the organization’s [Read More…]

Gaza Caged

Smuggling Tunnel in Rafah, Gaza Strip. Photo by Marius Arnesen.

By Shubra Ohri On January 20, 2010, the UN Aid and Association for International Development Agencies called for the immediate opening of Gaza’s borders in light of the escalating health and environmental crisis that threatens the area. In direct contravention to this request, Gaza’s borders will soon be further blocked. Early this year, Israel announced [Read More…]