The Situation of Human Rights of Women in Argentina

147th ordinary Period of Sessions of the IACHR. Photo by Eddie Arrossi (March 15, 2013).

Commissioners: Rose-Marie Belle Antoine, Rodrigo Escobar Gil, Rosa María Ortiz, Tracy Robinson State: Argentina As Argentina continues to build gender inclusive legal systems and to train power actors within the State, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) asks: where are civil society actors and local level education? On March 15, 2013, the IACHR held […]

Haiti’s Vulnerable Children: After the Earthquake

U.S. Army Soldiers distribute food in Haiti

By Evan Wilson In the days after the devastating January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) issued warnings about the dangers that Haitian children would face as aid pours in and the nation tries to rebuild. Ironically, though much of that danger comes from the devastation caused by the earthquake, some […]

Juveniles Locked Up for Life for Non-Homicides: Cruel and Unusual or an Appropriate Punishment?

by Evan Wilson, January 27, 2010 The United States Supreme Court is set to decide two cases that could eliminate life without parole for juveniles convicted of non-homicide offenses. On November 9, 2009, the Court heard arguments in two cases, Graham v. Florida and Sullivan v. Florida, in which petitioners challenged the constitutionality of life […]

Situation of Children in Juvenile Detention Centers in Jamaica

On May 22, 2009, five teenage girls burned to death in a fire at the Armadale Juvenile Correctional Center in St. Ann, Jamaica. Several people were hospitalized, and two more girls died from injuries suffered from the fire. The incident was described by the petitioner, Susan Goffe from Jamaicans for Justice, who is bringing a […]

Reshaping the Dialogue: Adoption and the Rights of the Child

Separation from the parent is identified by UNICEF as the primary danger faced by children without caregivers. A 2004 report set the global number of children without a guardian at 143 million, with 13 million bereft of all family and the majority facing institutionalization. In 1993, the Hague Adoption Convention on the Protection of Children […]